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Date: 27th June 2016
PVC Steel Wire Hose Production Line
PVC steel wire hose production lineThis line is used to produce PVC steel wire reinforced hose. The Wall of the Pipe is PVC transparent soft plastic,Website:http://www.jtpvchose.com, spiral steel wire inside.The pipe is corrosion-resistant, antistatic, resistance to high pressure, and other good characteristics,It is suitable for transportation of high pressure and flammable gases, liquids, and liquid impurities absorbing light line, mainly used in mechanical, chemical, construction, agricultural irrigation and vacuum equipment.The ParameterModleSJ-45SJ-65SJ-90SJ-120SJ-150ExtruderSJ45/28SJ65/28SJ90/28SJ120/28SJ150/28Diameter Range(mm)10-2020-5050-100100-150150-200Output20-4040-75100-130120-150150-200Installed Power(KW)30405075110